Pentax rangefinder infos or advice--uC interfacing,,

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hullo once again all, today I am having some problems with finding infos about a device taht I salvaged from an old Pentax IQ 35mm camera. I pulled the device without taking note of the cameras exact model # or any other pertinant infos that could have been handy to know prior to chucking the shell! Please find attached pix below of the device in question- its infrared rangefinder module...

This part appears to be mostly self contained in its supporting circuitry, so am assuming that the unit, as pulled, has everything needed to obtain the sensors results. What I need help with is figuring out which pinouts are the useful ones and which are able to be ignored? There appears to be many more pinouts than what would be found on a smaller ranger such as the popular Sharp units,, instead of just the three,, there are many. This module also has an onboard micro,, it is mostly shielded but is a Mitsubichi with the first 2 digits of :M5,,? I assume this is there for signal processing purposes and will be a benefit to utilize if possible? The alternative would be of course to cho pout the supporting portions and just use the sensors and enclosure theselves and design the interfacing portion into my main micro such as done when using other popular proximity sensors?

Well, that is about all I can think of for now,, I guess any hep that I can get regarding the specs of this part would be great,, thanks in advance, jd