Peltier Element BJT Driver

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Currently Iam working on a project, part of which requires me to design a temperature controller using peltier element. I have almost completed the design but I would like to clarify whether the peltier driver that I've used is correct before proceeding towards final implementation.
Since applying a PWM may damage a peltier element, I've chosen a Quasi complementary push pull class B amplifier using BJT's for delivering the required power to the peltier element from the output of a PID processor. The driver consists of Darlington & Feedback pairs, the circuit of which is shown below. Photo1809.jpgIs there any problem in implementing this circuit & How am I supposed to design the two resistors?


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I could be wrong but I think PWM is ok as long as the voltage is below the peltier rating. I'm thinking you need to heat and cool with the same device?


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PWM is okay for Peltiers and gives higher efficiency. For best efficiency and maximum cooling effect when driving a Peltier with PWM you should use an inductor in series with the element and a free-wheeling diode to ground to smooth out the pulses and reduce I-squared-R loss in the Peltier.


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Peltiers also require a minimum frequency if you want to drive them with PWM direct to reduce thermal mehcanical shock that kills them, from memory I think it requires >2000 Hz.

Likewise if you are switching them on/off with a simple controller it helps to ramp the on/off currents over 100mS or so to again reduce the thermal shock.