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    Jun 27, 2008
    just been reading a thread on peel off pcb stuff, i recall posting a query on these a few years ago and opinions were not favourable,i wonder if these have improved.
    having tried the photo process on a few occassions without much success and the purchase of a laser printer would not justify the expence for the 5 or 6 circuits a year i do.

    if anyones interested this is what i do.
    first the artwork, believe it or not quite complex circuits can be done with ms word. just use the drawing toolbar and rotate or flip to suit,otherwise i love proteous.
    i then glue the artwork to a piece of .1 plain stripboard which is the guide for drilling{wallpaper adhesive works fine) this is then positioned over the pcb, copper side down and then drilled.
    i then mirror the artwork and join drill the drill holes with the dalo pen.

    this is probably slower than other methods ,costs nothing and perhaps does not lend itself to multiple units, but but for prototypes and one offs .it is totally foolproof .it does not need a particularly accurate drill. the traces and pads are slightly thicker than photo but this is no bad thing.

    on many occassions chips have several unused pins i remove these pins from the dil socket these gaps can often accomodate traces.