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salaam namasthe. I am trying to do a project for the first time in my life. so if questions seem stupid kindly excuse and reply. I am working on device control using telephone. i have the circuit and trying to learn its working. the first doubt is that with the pcb schematics i have how should i get the specifications of it. to be clearer, i have the pcb design, but how to select the from the pcb available in the market.
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Schematics are not PCBs, and visa versa. If you are trying to convert a schematic into a PCB layout you will likely need to do it yourself. We have had trouble getting it across to some other members that a block diagram is also not a schematic, a schematic is something very specific.

I use Express PCB to make my PCBs. After I have drawn a true schematic in Express I use the software to do my layout. It is not easy, but it is easier when a machine helps with CAD.

Before you do this though, you ought to bread board your circuit to see if it works. If you have complete faith in the design you can skip this step, but it can come back to bite you if you have it wrong.

I finish with this process. Many people will direct you to a PCB house. Since I am not rich with money I prefer DIY.

How I make PCBs