PCB mounting types???

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  1. danielb33

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    Aug 20, 2012
    Hey all, I am looking for a high powered relay, I would like to find 30A contact rating, and >=15A when NC. This is very hard to do for a through hole or surface mount relay. When searching on digi-key, and I do not know what Chassis Mount, DIN rail, Through Hole, Socketable, or Panel Mount is? Can anyone shed some light about what these are and where they are used? Any tips about how the types that are not normally used with PCB design could be used with PCB design would be very helpful. Our company wants to design a relay board (internal use only) that can handle 30A for both contacts ON the board.

    Mostly I just need to understand the different mounting types and where they are used! Thanks! (Yes I did search on google before posting)

    Thanks for the help!
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    Apr 16, 2010
    Many relays can be mounted on a PCB; the limitation is often the current carrying capabilities of the traces on the PCB. There just isn't enough copper there to handle the amps, so often relays are physically mounted on PCB's, but they are connected via wires, and sometimes socketed.
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    Oct 15, 2009
    Switching AC or DC? and what voltage?
    What voltage will be energizing the coil?

    If its switching AC thats not that hard to find.. If DC good luck (well for PCB mount anyways) and its basically called a contactor at that point and will not be for a PCB (well there are a few)

    Chassis and panel mount bolts to a solid surface
    DIN rail snaps into a DIN rail
    (both above "usually" use quick connect/faston connectors to attach to the relay contacts)

    Socketable snaps into a relay socket (basically a panel mount or din rail socket that you buy separate but you can remove the relay for replacement by just pulling it out of the socket and popping in a new one.) There are typically barrier strips/wire binding screws that you attach the wires to on the socket

    Through hole is obviously through hole for PCB mounting

    My favorite relay company is Hasco (well them and Omron but Omron is more expensive) Omron is top notch in quality and we have used thousands and never had a single failure and Hasco is very close behind them in quality/failure rate..
    http://www.hascorelays.com/electromechanical_relays.asp (plenty of info/choices here)
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    Aug 20, 2012
    Switching DC. 12V will be energizing the coil, the min current I will be able to supply from the range of voltages at my input (5-40) will be about 520mA. You are correct by writing this relay is tough to find. Maybe a impulse relay could work. I will look into the companies above, thanks for the tips!