PCB layout routing method

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Hi, i am looking for e-books or resources about PCB layout routing method. Is there anyone can provide me the relevant info? I am fresh in PCB layout routing. Thanks for your help;)


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Eventually, you might also want to think about things like the following "classic" application note, from Analog Devices. Most manufacturers' websites have one or more like this, often geared toward various different types of applications. They cover how to properly implement things in a circuit's physical layout that aren't usually specified in a schematic. You should probably also do some searches for things like "star grounding", and "ground bounce", and remember that PCB traces always have parasitic resistance, inductance, and often capacitance.


Also remember that auto-routing is often not a good idea, except maybe for certain types of digital circuits. Besides, manual routing is more fun.

- Tom Gootee