PCB fabrication...who do you use?

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Who do you use for PCB fabrication?

Here is a list of companies I have used and the results...

CustomCircuitBoards/Avanti Circuits: 1 project....Pretty good quality. They do not do CAM before they quote, however.

Chicago Circuits: 1 project, Pretty Good quality, silk screen was a little off centered

Epec Engineering: 1 Project, So so quality. I do not think they make PCBs, I think they outsource and bid the job.

Susnstone: 3 projects. 1st project I was pretty impressed with quality. 2nd, was so so (although, it was pretty barebone...no solder mask). 3rd was pretty good except the solder mask did not seem complete (it looked weird...kind of hard to explain).


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I've used two China houses I found on EBay and have been very happy with: Maisuid and sureelectronics.

I used Maisuid to make a pile of 60 small (under 2 sq inch) boards for about 60 bucks.

sureelectronics has the best deal Ive seen: 10 boards 5x5 cm (just under 2 sq inch) for $22.39 free shipping. Took about a month to get them but they are good solder mask silk screen boards.


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Oshpark is my new go to PCB maker. Actually they don't make them, but they aggregate the orders onto one big board. $5 per square inch of design, and you get three very high quality boards back......and free shipping. It is a U.S. board house so the orders come back super quick. I uploaded Eagle .brd files for 4 different boards on May 30th and they shipped the completed boards out on June 6th. That's just a bit over a week. They ship out of Oregon and I just checked USPS tracking and they are already in NJ and expecting to be on my doorstep on Monday. So a total of 11 days from upload to doorstep. It really is a fantastic service.