PC847 Optocoupler Alternative

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Hi there - I am new to these forums, so please be gentle!

I am refurbishing an old 8085 microcontroller based product (simple production line controller). It uses a fair few Sharp PC847 (marked as PC817) opto isolators / opto couplers. These are quad versions of the Sharp PC817 opto.

According to the datasheet the device will degrade over time - given that this product is about 20 years old, I think it would be prudent to replace them. However RS only stock the PC817 single device, not the PC847. they do suggest an alternative: Siemens ILQ615. The comparison shows key differences are on maximum current tranfer ratio. The Sharp device goes up to 600% and the Siemens part goes to 125%. I do not properly understand CTF - can anyone advise if this is obviously ok?

Really appreciate any helpful advice which any can offer?

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CTR is Current Transfer Ratio and measures how much output current you get for a given input currrent.

Example: If you drive a 200% CTR device with 10mA of base current you can expect 20mA out of the transistor.

So bigger is better, and without a careful analysis don't replace a 600% device with a 125% one.