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Hello Friends,

I want to Connect my PC to TV instead of LCD. And my TV Supports only AV type Connector I tried to connect it with one converter available in market but i was not able to find the fault so now i think there must be any circuit and i want to give it a try by myself.

Can anyone please give me more detailed circuit?

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The main problem in this conversion is the resolution as your computer's video adapter will output different resolutions and most of them are not supported with your TV.Televisions have really low resolution compared to monitors but modern HD TV gives you a very high resolution.Any way what converter you are talking about I have no idea, but it's simple you just need a graphic card which can output AV signals.

And about the circuit ,I have created AV and VGA signals using mcu but never converted VGA to AV.You may google a bit.

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It is possible, but you need a resolution of 720x576 or 720x480, interlaced, which most graphics cards do not output.

Some graphics cards have S-video output. This will work with any television.

Most LCD TVs come with a VGA connector which can be used to connect directly to the PC.