PC Gaming Steering wheel project

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    Nov 21, 2012
    Hello everyone,

    I decided to start building my own custom PC gaming wheel by using a gamepad.

    I own this gamepad(Quantum™ qhm7468-2v) - http://www.qhmpl.com/product/game-pad-qhm7468-2v.html

    The steering wheel that I am building has a 100K potentiometer and buttons also.

    I wanted to connect the potentiometer to the analog stick of the game pad without removing the analog stick from the gamepad. Basically it would be like connecting them in parallel. I do not want to destroy the gamepad and use it in future so I am doing this. Is it alright for the gamepad. And would this setup work. I wanted to ask before I did something wrong. The gamepad will have a hole on the side of the body from which I will pass wires and connect those to the analog stick.

    The buttons would be connected to the 8 buttons I have on the game pad.

    Plus i am also building the pedals with an old mouse. (left, right, and middle buttons for accel, brake and clutch)

    Still thinking about the gearbox though. But I will build that too.

    Thank You.