PAW SC3.6 differential thermostat data extraction help

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Hello to all and happy new year!

This is my first post here about a project I started on Christmas vacations.
I have a differential thermostat (PAW SC3.6) that is based on ATxmega128D3 microcontroller which controls some devices in my house. It has a display to read the different temperatures but what I want is a way to get those temperatures and log them to a database and later visualise them with grafana or another tool.

The PAW SC3.6 is as shown in the following picture:

The 6 pins next to gn are indented for internal use according to the manual. So I suspected that a connector should be attached to that and get the data.
I send an email to the company to help me about what equipment might be needed but I did not get any answer.

So I connected an oscilloscope to those pins in order to find out what those pins do.
So I found out that on the second pin (starting from left to right) there was some data output every 1 second.
With try and error I figure out that the 6th pin must be the ground pin.

I recorded this with my phone and the video can be found here:

In the video description you can see that I connected a logic analyser in order to find out what those data might be and I recorded to those data in a DSLogic file which I uploaded to my google drive for anyone to download.

So now I am trying to analyse those data. It seems to be UART but I am not so sure. I tested different baud rates but I might be missing something.
Can anyone help me to find out how to extract and analyse those data and if those contain something meaningfull?

Thanks a lot in advance,
Any help is highly appreciated.