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    I have found that currently I cann't get a passport papers/info thru a post offices near me.

    I know the US state department in Washington DC is responsible for foriegn affairs as well as the passports. But I am not willing to drive all that way to get a passport directly , as well as I am not willing to go thru a 3rd party internet website to get one either ( I just don't feel confortable submitting my SSN ,..etc no matter how secury the connection normally )

    So that leaves me with using a passport agency but I don't know where the closest one in Massuachuasts is .... hell I would drive to any 100% trusted agency in MA or even CT.

    Also what identification is your social card / license good enough for them to process it and send it to the state department.

    And Correct me if I am wrong but how it works is you get the paper work from the agencies , fill it out and mail it to the state department.

    If that is the case then why cann't one print off the passport papers and fill them out /mail them directly to the state departement with out paying any money / showing any identification ?

    How do they stop this.... on could always make copies of the papers/scan them/upload them to the internet ?

    Not saying I would just saying it is possible without watermarking in someway or special paper.
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    Just got mine yesterday.
    And BS you can't get one locally.
    There are HUNDREDS of places in Mass

    You simply print out the forms online and fill them out, then simply bring the paperwork and bring your drivers license and notarized birth certificate. Done. Oh and most places require an appointment walk ins
    Cost $300 for 2 people including taking the pictures for both.
    4-5 weeks you will get your passport and birth certificate back.
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    Oct 29, 2009
    It is been about a century but I don't ever remembering having to go anywhere other than a place to get my photo taken. This is the photographer:


    I remember having my picture taken, filling out some papers and sending it with a copy of my birth certificate. Maybe things have changed?
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