Partial Fraction Expansion

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Hey people

Its kind of embaressing but I have forgotten how partial fraction expansion works, and I kind of need it now for is there a nice document you guys know off that might have it, since I am very busy during the days I dont really have time to go on google. Looking forward to the response..


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Hi, gusmas.
Here is a site that may help. If not, here is another one you can try.
I remember doing partial fraction expansion. I'm afraid I don't remember completely how to do it, though. I guess I'll have to look back into it myself! :D
Good luck!
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... I dont really have time to go on google. Looking forward to the response.
My response is that your post is the funniest I've seen in a long time. You have time to make a post, but not do a google search?:p

Let me try and interpret what you said so that it sounds a little better. I think you are really saying that you only have internet access during the day (maybe at work or school) and don't have the access time to do a detailed search, and maybe would not be able to judge which is the best site. You are asking a favor of others who might know of a good source of information with minimal effort on their part. Once you are directed to where to go, then you can use your limited access time to get to the information quickly and print it out so you can read it at night.

Am I close? ;)

By the way, one hint about partial fraction expansion is that once you understand the basic idea of what you are trying to do, you can usually figure out how to apply the method, even if you forget the various rules for special cases. In other words just do a quick look online or in a book to know the basics and then try various examples on your own and think carefully when you have those special cases that don't fit the usual rule.

Personally, I can't quote you the full set of rules for partial fraction expansion off the top of my head, nor do I know of the best source of such informaton off the top of my head. However, I can always figure it out on the fly, once I have a problem to solve. This should be your goal, unless you have a very good memory and can just remember all the rules, even years later.


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Hey Steve, cut the guy some slack. We have seen far more demanding posts in AAC.

Wikipedia has also a helpful article on partial fractions.