parallel circuit more convenient than series circu


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well it isnt necessarily(spelling lol), each one has its own purpose...
parallel= same voltage throughout circuit
series= same current
series is good is lets say u have lights that need to be the same brightness...
parallel is good incase one goes out...
in parallel wires are hooked up positive to positve and neg to neg...thus meaning than current can go to everything since the bulb doesnt have to be connected to make the current flow...
in series wires are connected pos to neg throughout the circuit...with this there has to be current all the way around( no dead bulbs) in order to make the circuit complete making lights burn...
if u need more examples ill be glad to help...thx l8er



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hi godfather22,

in referral to your question, i say that statement is not generally true unless otherwise you're referring to a specific function. a series would be convenient for a particular function but impractical for a parallel or vice versa. :)