Parallel Capacitors

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I have a parallel circuit: 150Hz / 25V AC, Branch 1 has one capacitor (C1) and I'm given it's current value: 0.02A, Branch 2 also has one capacitor (C2) and it's value is 0.6 micro farads. I'm trying to find XC1, XC2, Ct and It. could anyone help me with the formulas to kake my calculations? It would be greatly appreciated because I'm just not understanding it.


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Since you know the applied voltage and the current, you can calculate Xc(C1). Since you know frequency and capacitance, you can calulate Xc(C2). Now that you know those values, rearrange your formula as needed to find the rest. Show your attempt at solving and you will get a lot more help than just asking someone how to do it.


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I use this sheet quite often to get a rough idea of values.

It works for capacitor impedance, inductor impedance, or both for resonant frequencies, as well as impedance at various frequencies.

Save it and print it out. I find two thin and transparent rulers are very handy with this as well. It's sort of a 2 dimensional slide rule.