parallel binary adders

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hey guys... Im a newbie in digital design. I can't find a good circuit design using parallel binary adders. I,ve been surfing the net for almost a week. I would like to know if what are the common applications for a parallel binary adder.
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Have a look at the 74LS183 data here:

As a discrete device, I doubt they are used much any more, DSPs and Microcontrollers have largely overtaken discrete math logic ICs.

As a building block for systems (or larger ICs), one common application for a parallel binary adder would be the 'Multiply Accumulate' (or MAC) unit in a Digital Signal Processing system.

This is a basic block for a DSP, in each compute cycle two values are multiplied together, the result added to the existing value of an accumulator register then that result is stored back in the accumulator ready for the next cycle.

The basic difference between a DSP processor and a general purpose CPU is the hardware MAC which can do the multiply+add many times faster than a software or microcoded emulation.

The last time I saw any LS183 chips in use was in a built-up hardware MAC in a digital audio filter system, around late 70s / early 80s vintage.