Panel Socket And Plug Banging Head Off Wall

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Hi all,

I have been having a hell of a performance trying to find suitable panel sockets and plugs. It has involved spending several hours on the phone to RS, Farnell, Digikey, mouser etc. I have sent 2 x sets back to RS and received a set from Farnell (D-subs) today of which the cable entry holes are not big enough and the solder buckets are not big enough to take the 0.75mm wires.

Here is what I am after

1) 3A max load, 27-40 way plug and panel socket capable of taking 15.8mm outer diameter 24 core YY cable with 0.75mm csa wires

2) 3A max load, 11-15 way plug and panel socket capable of taking 10.5mm outer diameter 12 core YY cable with 0.75mm csa wires

They have to be screw or solder bucket connections

They can be round, square, rectangular etc

They can be any colour

They can be push, push twist, latch etc type connections

Today I recieved these D-sub connectors

During the week I have received 2 sets that didnt match my requirments

The only option available to me is aparently these

These are very big and are 16A rated (hence the size), the big one is 90mm long x 95mm high and 80mm thick...they are also rediculously expensive

Anyone any ideas?