panel meter Volts vs mV

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I have a panel meter that reads in volts, from 00.01 up to 30 volts.
I also have a circuit I want to connect it to, that puts out 0-199 mV.
When I connect to the circuit and try to read say, 140mV, my meter reads 00.01.
Is there any way (other the easy way out, of simply getting a meter that reads in mV) for me to be able to read the 140 mV more precisely?
I thought of an H bridge or something along those lines, but ahhh, the must be an easier way.
Any thoughts appreciated.


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You can go down in sensitivity, i.e. read higher voltages, but you cannot go the other way.
If it is an analog meter you can try to find the series resistor and change its effective value by either replacing it or bridging it with another resistor.