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We download a program on my friends laptop we able to succesfully download it but when we try to open it an error pop up on the screen (The page file is to small) I cannot able to recall the exact word but is just like that. How to fix that problem? and what are the cause of this? AND also theres a pop up message on the right below the corner of the monitor display something like VIRTUAL MEMORY.....



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Windows use page file to save (swap) parts of the memory data to hard drive. This is usually done when there is not enough physical memory left or the memory parts are dormant. The message means that you've almost run-out of physical memory space, and also the page file space. The page file is usually managed by Windows, so it can expand or contract as required.

Two reasons the page file space is running out, the page file size is set to manual, or you are running out of hard disk space so Windows can not increase the page file size.

Check that the page file is automatically managed by Windows:
Control Panel - System - Advanced tab - Performance setting button - Advanced tab - Virtual Memory Change button - Click the System managed size radio button or increase the maximum size value.

If there is no more empty space in the hard drive, you have to uninstall/delete some of your programs/data.


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Be aware that in Windows XP (32-bit) you can only have 4GB of addressable memory which will impose limits on your configuration - of the 4GB the OS takes around half of that, hence you have around 2GB for programmes.