P89C52RD2 board not detected by PC

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    First of all Happy New Year to you and your family...:)

    Ok in AAC we never discuss this kind of topic through mail, rather we use thread, as in future may be some body could get help from your thread. And more if you ask it on an open thread, you will get more help as their many experts on this subject in AAC.

    Ok first of all I never used any development board in my entire life (23 years),I built my own board always. I have worked with 8051 and also like it but they are from ATMEL not from NXP i.e.. Philips, anyway they all are same, manufacturer doesn’t matter at least on learning level.

    As far I know it should be USB port, COM/serial/RS232 port doesn’t do that... you must be confusing it with something else, if the board have a RS232 connector it may be their to download source code from your PC i.e.. the code for your mcu.
    Its a boot loader stuff, in the mcu their is a small code which on start up loads the source code for the mcu from PC using serial port.
    You need a PC application software to transfer the source code to mcu on the board using serial port, your board must have came with any application software may be in a CD check it.

    If not then give details about your board and its manufacturer.

    Good Luck
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