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This is the THIRD time that Salim18 has solicited an URDU speaker on these forums.
I don't know why, as these forums are strictly English-only.

Perhaps if these threads get locked, the requests will stop.


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why URDU?
He types in English.

Is it like.
Hum Urdu nehi jan'te.

Basically it means...
"I donno Urdu". Even if I can right and read and speak. Cause I'm not a Urdunese or Pakistanese for that matter. I'm dumb Maldivian or Dhivehenes.


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Odds are he is using a Google translator. If he wants to use this site he is going to keep on using a Google translator, or learn English, or both. He wouldn't be the first one here to do this, generally we don't mind. Anyone desperate enough to learn a new language to learn electronics has my respect.

I do agree with Wookie, these threads should be closed.
Not open for further replies.