Over Unity disguised as science.

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  1. Poppy

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    Nov 3, 2012
    Had Feynman been aware of the "Vision Ray Detector" invented by Charles Russ, what a photon really is and what Ahanarov Bohm Effect is, Feynman would have probably not dove head first down the same rabbit hole as John Nash.

    Feynman had a "come to Jesus" prior to his death when he made a video which aired on PBS twice about 2008. In the video Feynman sitting next to Mandelbrot states "Ahanarov Bohm effect is a creation event - more energy out than in". The video has since been disappeared.

    Before Einstein died he also realized he had made some pretty huge mistakes but they were most probably intentional. "Maybe it is time we rethink everything" - Albert Einstein.

    Einstein hid in plain sight the energy equivalent of gravity in mass with E=mc². Tesla also hid things in plain site or probably more likely, J.P. Morgan felt threatened his profit. "The problem with increasing human mass" alludes to burning nitrogen as an energy source.

    One thing that science is hiding is the mathematical relationship between light and gravity which is stunningly simple. I'm writing a book on the subject in a children's format, not because children will read it, it is written that way so scientist can understand it.

    Quantum physics is junk science just like special relativity. When Einstein could not bend the math to fit his Plank's constant light speed universe, he bent the Universe around it. Feynman on the other hand found that with enough long math, he could could get dizzy enough to eventually find his own tail.

    Academics creates dull tools in a shed owned by banksters and oilmen in the subject of science. Here is a pretty good introduction into some of the subjects science has suppressed. I.e., a cure for all disease and free energy. http://www.thrivemovement.com/home

    While Gamble only scratches the surface, at least he is waking up to the reality of the mass murder and global exploitation of humanity by the bansters and oilmen or as I call them... "The BO Party".

    It's nice to see the 43 trillion dollar lawsuit against them filed by the Spire Law Group moving forward.

    CNBC removed the story the next day after one of their exec's children were found stabbed to death in the bathtub. They claim the nanny did it and then she slit her own throat. Unlikely..
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    Sorry, overunity is not an acceptable subject here on ACC, no matter how it is presented. It is not science, it is religion. You will have to find another site for this agenda.

    Religion is also not an acceptable subject here, though minor exceptions are allowed.

    I am also especially not a fan of conspiracy theories, they exist, but not in the quantities people try to show on the internet. They bore me.

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    The crazy world of quantum mechanics.
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