Other Things That Electronic Techs Are Interested In


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I built a power profiler for mounting on my mountain bike. It helps me analize where I specifically should focus training to improve circuit times. So I love proving it's usefullness by pumping the pedals.

I built a serious of camera triggers so I can mount my cameras in a wide variety of situations. I love proving thier usefullness by hiking into difficult terrain and mounting cameras.

At work I program PLCs and implement embedded controllers, software interfaces and the like. Coming from a combination of technical and managerial backgrounds, I love to push equipment to it's maximum efficiencies.

And then I love to take time out to hunt and fish.


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My thread "outdoor hobbies" is around here somewhere, so theres that.

Other than that electronics is actually what I use to get away from school and such.


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Cooking. I like cooking a lot. Dabble a bit here and there in other stuff. Acutally make some money with my camera. Love dirt bikes, but have not been 'winning' fast for 30 years or so, but my son is fast enough for both of us. I play trombone with local bands once in a while. Chew gum. Floss.

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Check out getty Images web site,if they use your picture they pay for it.
You have to be set up with them,they are the a/p they have people all
over the world. Getty owns the internet right for photos.Why didn't we
think about that. They have phone lines,you can talk to a human. Take your
camera every where,you may get the shot.
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