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  1. terrakota

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    Feb 8, 2005
    i'm interestend in this pc based oscilloscope but i'm not sure if this one is rigth for me.

    can u tell me the maximun voltage signal i can measure with this scope?
    the maximun bandwidth i can measure?

    PC Oscilloscope Specifications

    General specifications

    Input Channels: 7 internal, 2 external

    Sampling Rate: 10 to 15,000 per second (PC dependent)

    Overload protection: +30 volts

    Digital Outputs: 1 TTL (With 1-3 k Ohm Impedance) 1 LED

    Dimensions: 50 X 70 x 20 mm

    Output Connector: 25 way male D-type to PC parallel port

    Supplied Software: Picoscope, PicoLog, and additional software drivers

    Internal Sensor Specifications

    Channel Range Resolution Accuracy

    Sound Waveform + 100 0.02 not calibrated

    Sound Level 55 to 100 dBa 1dBa 5dBa

    Voltage 0 to 5 volts 5 mV 3% of FSD

    Resistance 0 to 1 MOhm 0.1 kOhm(at 10kOHM) 2% (at 100kOhm)

    Temperature 0 to 70°C 0.1°C (at 25°C) 2°C (at 25°C)

    Light 0 to 100 0.1 not calibrated

    External Sensor Specifications

    Channel Range Resolution Accuracy

    pH 0 to 14 0.02 pH calibrated dependent

    Temperature -10 to 105°C 0.1°C (at 25°) 0.3°C (at 25°C)

    Humidity 20 to 90%RH(N.C.) 0.2% RH + 10%

    Reed Switch open/closed

    thanks for your help
  2. beenthere

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    Apr 20, 2004

    It's not too good for performance. The spec's say 5 volts max for input voltage. The i megaohm input impedance will limit it due to curcuit loading.

    With 15k samples/sec, the fastest signal you might resolve is going to be 7,500 Hz. Using more channels will slow sampling per channel. This is not adequate for audio work, much less logic.

    I don't think this device will be adequate for any realistic needs, other than a classroom demonstrator.
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    Apr 26, 2005
  4. terrakota

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    Feb 8, 2005
    thanks a lot for your info, will have to continue searching for more options.

    thanks for the link but $500 is really out of my capacity.
  5. terrakota

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    Feb 8, 2005
    what about this one?

    found it at amazon at $138.00 and is a portable one, can you tell me if it's any good?


    Product Details:
    10MHz sampling rate
    0.1mV sensitivity
    up to 2MHz analogue bandwidth
    5mV to 20V/div in 12 steps
    200ns to 1hour/div time base in 32 steps
    full auto set up
    trigger mode: run, normal, once, roll, slope +/-
    X and Y position signal shift
    DVM readout with x10 option
    audio power calculation (rms and peak)
    dBm, dBV, DC, rms ... measurements
    signal markers for Volt and Time
    frequency readout (through markers)
    recorder function (roll mode)
    signal storage (2 memories)
    LCD: 128x64 pixels / high-contrast
    up to 20h on alkaline batteries