Oscilloscope buy recommendation

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Anyone has used hantek oscilloscope ?, I plant to bought 4 channel, 250 MHz, 1GS/S, DSO4254C Hantek oscilloscope, do you think it is good ?, do you have another recommendation ?


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Be careful. They don't work with Apple computers. The one I have won't work with Windows 10 either. It's supposed to but I can't get it to. No matter what I do or try. Even tried to reach out to them but have had no success. Therefore it just sits. I've even tried unloading and reloading the software; but nope!

I prefer my old fashioned CRT screen scope. Not as good as one that can zoom in on a wave form or display time calculations without having to grab a calculator. The software scopes are better than the old CRT, but at least my CRT works.


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It's USB based and needs a computer to run. It doesn't have a display of any kind, at least not the one I have. I haven't heard of any others with displays.


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Modern complications. I would not prefer a compfuser-run oscilloscope to a reliable stand-alone straight scope. Less if Microsoft Windows is involved. :oops: