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I have a 30MHz Dual - Trace Oscilliscope(Model 2120B), and I'm having a problem with channel 2(Y). It cannot view anything. I know that its not the probes that I'm using because it all works fine in channel 1(x). Does anyone have any solutions on how to fix this problem. What are your recommendations?

David Bridgen

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You need at least the circuit diagram of the 'sope and ideally the proper service manual.

Do a search on Google for it. Or perhaps another correspondent on this forum may have one.


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make sure that the gain is adjusted (it shows 1x or 5X or 10X or 100X)
Then make sure that your trace for that nonworking channel is centered.
It should have a dual control that says left-right and up-down, try adjusting that, just some things to try. also increase the brightness control to see if you do have two traces. Some time they also have a find trace button, if so push that. Good luck.

make sure its in dual trace mode , look at each control slowly to make sure.