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    I'm reading a lot about oscillators. Hartley, Colpitts, Wien bridge, RC..

    I would like a document that compared the different types. For example: This oscillator is best for this range of frequency. This oscillator does have few parts...

    You get the idea?

    Does this type of document or web page exist?
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    The best place for this information is OLDER versions of the ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook.

    But here's a few hints.

    The Hartley oscillator is generally used for up to around 1MHZ. It's one of the more reliable "starting" oscillators, but tends to drift a bit more than others at higher frequencies.

    The Colpitts is actually a large CLASS of oscillators, into which most crystal oscillators fall. One exception to this is the Pierce oscillator which uses direct feedback of a crystal in the Series mode.

    The Wien Bridge oscillator is a low frequency oscillator used when a very pure sine wave is needed.

    An RC oscillator (phase shift) oscillator is used at lower frequencies where you don't need a real clean signal...or you want to generate several different phase signals from the same oscillator....for example a 3-phase motor driver.

    The series tuned Colpitts, or Clapp oscillator deserves special mention...as it is used in a lot of VFO circuits for H.F. radios. It's one of the more stable non-crystal controlled oscillators, often used as the "main tuning" in shortwave receivers and transmitters, before synthesizers became standard.

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    Thanks guys.

    This will help me a lot.

    Happy Easter.