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Can I ask questions in this section about Model Editor? People here use it much?

If so,


Below are many similar questions on syntax for Model Editor. I tried not to be repetitive. I read the manual but it starts to get a little confusing. Thank you.

I am trying to learn how to use Model Editor and I am getting a little confused. Below is what I have in model editor:

.model GaN NMOS (LEVEL=3 VTO=-5.0 L=2u W=6.5m)

Is this correct? I know the width seems a little huge. That is intentional. My MOSFET is suppose to be an N-channel Depletion Mode MOSFET, did I set that up correctly.

Also, I wanted to look at a short channel device model. From what I understand a level III model is what that is suppose to be, correct? Did I label that correctly?

How can I override values such as on resistance, off capacitance, gate-drain capacitance, drain-source capacitance, gate-source capacitance, and gm (that's transconductance correct? mS/mm?).

Can I override DC breakdown voltage?

I want to put in sheet resistance (Rsh?) as well as Idss.

How should I put in mobility and sheet charge density?

Again, I know this is a lot of the same/similar questions it's just that I am very new to this and I'm not sure what can actual get put in to override some level 3 parameters.

Thanks in advance.