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Hi all, I hope you can help me,

I have this circuit, It is used to manipulate engine ecu, I have identified most of the components but need help in identifying others,

The objective of the unit is to reduce or increase the actual signal coming from the vehichle sensor, then interpreting it and sending the signal on to the ecu.

The 8 din optocoupler i need to know the number of it if any one can help me.

would you please explain if i have got the right numbers and descriptions for the other components.

I appreciate any of your help.



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Do you happen to have a pic of the board that we can see? Sorta hard to tell what each thing is just from the pic you provided. I think the blue disk type thing is a capacitor ...thx l8er



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have drawn the schem of your circuit. you said that it's an octocoupler. will try to help you out identify or make a sub on this. :p

meanwhile there are other members who would gladly help you out.

oops sorry i forgot to attach the schem :eek: