Options for lightning-damaged 46" TV

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I recently had some lightning damage that included a 2 1/2 year old 46" Sony Bravia LCD HDTV. A service shop inspected the TV, opined that the power supply module and the tuner module were both damaged and had to be replaced (for about $450) before further diagnostics were possible; they recommended to the insurance company that the set be replaced. The insurance company agreed and settled with me for enough to buy a new set comparable to the damaged one.

The serviceman told me that none of the many fuseable links that he checked were open, that there was no visible damage, and that the failure(s) was/were probably the result of static electricity as opposed to a surge in the supply voltage. Thus, I am left with the remains of the old TV, which probably contains some good parts. I know next to nothing about TV repair, but could probably figure out how to replace the defective modules - if I had them. I also wonder if it could be used without a tuner as a presentation screen for instructional purposes.

My wife doesn't relish the idea of another piece of junk sitting in my room, and frankly neither do I. But as some of you know, I am frugal (or cheap, if you prefer), and I am having trouble junking the TV.

Opinions/options are solicited. Thanks.


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You have a couple of options on this. You can probably find the parts you require on ebay, but make sure they say they are good and stand behind them. There are others online if you search that might sell the boards required. Or you can sell it on ebay for someone else to fix or use for parts.

You must first repair the power supply in order to see if the tuner is bad. What model do you have, an how old is the unit?

Personally I would not worry about keeping it and unload it to someone on ebay. The things to make sure you look at in your future lcd is that it uses LEDs instead of CCFLs and that it operates on 120hz or 240hz, the refresh rate is so much better with the new ones. Also contrast ratio, which sometimes is called dynamic contrast ratio is important.


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They make GREAT S.A.D. lights! If you can fire up the screen max out R G and B, you get a VERY BRIGHT lamp.

I have seen a fella use one as his lathe light.. It replaced his floro shop light.

That would be your last option... That or coffee table ;)


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You could put it up on eBay, with complete description as you have here. A parts only kinda deal. If the screen is still working it has value.