Optimal control, Fourier transform, operating system, multimedia and wireless communi

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    I have a lot of questions, if you know something in one of them or more I will glad if you can write a replay​
    I search after information that are correlated between optimal control and autonomous vehicles it can be things like how to calculate the shortest way, the rapid way, the way that use lowest fuel, the optimal velocities, the optimal accelerations, motion planning or others things.​
    What is the connection between the simples Fourier transforms in Digital Signal Processing and the Fourier transforms in speech recognition? ​
    I search information about the operating systems in cars​
    I search information about research or projects that do that the window of the car become a touch screen that the children in the car can play with these windows.​
    I search after information about how the video (talk and see) communication works on internet. ​
    What are the different between cars communications and cellular phones communications that communicate with internet?​
    I search information about things that are related to control other machines in home or in the office or in other places by the cellular phone​
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    I think it may be best to narrow your field of research, for the time being, so that you might be able to understand the concepts more thoroughly.

    You should also indicate your level of expertise so that we can offer an adequate response. Some of these topics can only be explained if you truly grasp the underlying concepts...