opinion on OWON oscilloscopes


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Hello Pineapple,
While your question is somewhat related to the OP's question, it is not exactly the same.

As a result, it is a "hijack" of the original posters' topic, and is considered poor netiquette.

Your question will likely be moved to it's own topic.

I have no experience with OWON equipment.
I have an affinity for older Tektronix O'scopes (pre-digital).


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you should be getting commission checks from owon by now!
I gotta give them a call. Its WAY after the 1st of the month. ;)

At a previous job, I did tech purchasing. I was very happy with older TEC and HP scopes. I saw an ad for the OWON and started reading. I was tripping over the price versus the options, and I figuted I would take it for a test drive. I had plenty of time to return it and get a 'REAL' scope, but I found out it is a real scope. I am very impressed with the accuracy.

It says it is a 25MHz scope. Which usually means 2.5MHz will be pretty good.
However, I get VERY accurate representations at 20MHz.

In other write ups, they list the 5022S as a 50MHz scope.

I dont do anything so bandwidth intensive, so It is a treat to have a <$300 scope that does FFT with a 2 channel very triggerable scope.

Ok, Ill link to this for the next 10 years of OWON questions. ;)


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I gotta give them a call. Its WAY after the 1st of the month. ;)

Ok, Ill link to this for the next 10 years of OWON questions. ;)
I felt the same way about my first real scope aquisition, the early seventies. A lunchbox sized Eico 435.

You can now pick these things up for 10 dollars a piece.


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Looks like an HP 1740 series storage scope in the background, VoodooMojo, probably from around the early 1980's or so. How do you like it? I used one occasionally around then; the scope part was fine, but I was never too impressed with the storage feature.

My favorite scope was a little single channel vacuum tube 3 or 4 MHz Tek. It wasn't a portable, but you could move it around the lab with one hand with the handle on top. It had a razor-sharp display and triggered like a dream. I wish I could remember the model number. It was probably made in the late 50's or early 60's.


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the top one is a 1740A
the bottom is the 1741A
I must agree that the storage is not its strongest point but does come in handy at times. What I like about them is the 3rd channel display so to speak of the trigger circuit.

I buy and rebuild old scopes and these were two that were going to be rebuilt but never needed to. I use them daily and will until one malfunctions. Then I can rebuild it.

I have become a bit of an expert with Eico, not that that means a darn thing!



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I've been looking at those owon scopes. Found some good reviews on youtube worth watching. They say it does have a couple bugs but hopefully all will be fixed in time with FW updates. Also said going in knowing it has a couple bugs its a really good deal.


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I think what has happened here is too bad especially for such a famous and reputed forum. I mean pineapple is being humiliated and insulted for some hijacking issues. Let me get this straight! Why is it such a big deal if someone tries to bring out a topic if it was present on some other thread. I mean wherever it is posted it has to have an answer and after answering it the issue is solved. Right! So in my opinion what mr pineapple asked was something called Owon and someone should have answered it instead of complaining!

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Humiliated and insulted? Not at all. Just being informed.

And I answered his question in post 4.

The threads here are kept for ever. It helps by not "confusing" things by keeping relevant information in relevant threads.

Also, the thread is 'owned' by the people who start the thread. If pineapple wanted to ask a new question, starting a new thread is the way to go.

That way, when google indexes the pages, when someone else searches for "What is OWON" they will get this thread as a result and get use of it also. Google does not index non-relevant information. It appears to be a mistake to their bots and so it is omitted. No one gets future help from a hijacked thread.

Hijacking, in forums, is like walking into someones conversation and interrupting.

The members who start their threads usually subscribe to them so they recieve email when there is additional posts that may help them. When someone 'hijacks' a thread, the Original Poster, and whoever else subscribed, gets irrelevant information to that topic.

So the result of a hijacked thread is others not willing to post information and clouding up the thread.

The answer is to let them know what they did, and give them their OWN thread where all can answer. And they have.