Operational amplifier

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    Jul 21, 2014
    1). For an ideal operational amplifier the voltage gain is infinity and bandwidth is also equal to infinity. what is the advantage of keeping infinity bandwidth and infinity voltage gain

    2). What is the advantage of virtual ground concept in operational amplifier
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    Jul 20, 2014
    Is this a homework question? Cuz there's a separate section of the forum for that. :)

    Short answer to question 1: infinite gain means you can set the gain to anything you want by using negative feedback, and gain is SOLELY determined by the feedback network, instead of the op amp. Infinite bandwidth means the device amplifies all frequencies equally, from DC (0 hz) up to infinitely high.

    Real op amps fall somewhat short of both ideals, especially bandwidth, and especially when they have to add gain (as opposed to running with gain = 1 as a buffer.)

    The second question needs more info...virtual ground can either refer to the voltage-grounding properties of the inverting input or to a method of biasing op amps with a single-sided supply voltage.