Operational Amplifier + Diode

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    Hi, I have to do this exercise in preparation for my first and only exam about electronics. This is the scan of the exercise (the first one):


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    and this is the scan of the proposed solution:


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    I have to find the "transfer function" Vo/Vi (is this the correct English name?), Bode plot. For point 2, I can't it into English, sorry.

    I'm a total newbie, so I can't understand the proposed solution. Why, for example, Vx/Vi = 1+sRC1? You you explain me the solution step by step?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Helo again.
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    You can find the scan attached to this post.


    Exercize 1
    In this circuit we have a real diode and a real operation amplifier.
    Io = 1 microAmpere, C1 = C2 = 10 picoFarad, R = 10 kilo Ohm.

    1) Find the transfer function Vo/Vi and draw the related Bode plot.
    2) I can't translate this point, so I'm not searching any kind of advise about this point


    In the small-signal model a the diode acts like a resistor with this value:
    rd = Vt/Id = 26mV/1microAmprere = 26 kilo Ohm.
    In order do find the tansfer function we use this equivalent circuit:


    We find that:

    Vx/Vi = 1 + R/(1/sC1) = 1+ sRC1

    Vo/Vx = (1/sC2)/(rd + (1/sC2)) = 1/(1 + srdC2)

    From this we obtain:

    Vo/Vi = Vo/Vx*Vx/Vi = (1 + sRC1)/(1 + srdC2)

    [The final part of the solution is about point 2].

    Now you have all the exercise in English. Could you help me?