op-amp schematic analysis

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Hi all,
my graduation project about RFID , and this schematic is concern reader, my problem is the function of every op-amp that concern the receiver part of the reader.......... the picture is attached with my post.
and thank you all:).



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LM339's are comparators that have open collector outputs.
The unused inputs should be grounded. The unused outputs can be left disconnected.


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Well, they actually have a lot of similarities - it's just that they are optimized for their particular functions.

In a limited way, you can use one for the other - at low speeds, and if you don't really care about optimal response.

You'll quite frequently see schematics where someone used 3 of a quad opamp as opamps, and the remaining one as a comparator - or something similar.

A new member posted a schematic of a PWM circuit, and wanted an explanation of how it worked. It used two channels from an LM324; one as an opamp to create a triangle wave, and the other as a comparator. They could have just as well used an LM393 dual comparator. National actually markets an IC that has an opamp for one channel, and a comparator for the other; that would be a good device to use for such circuits.
The LM392 opamp/comparator:
The opamp is like a channel from an LM158/LM358.
The comparator is like a channel from an LM193/LM393.