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    Hello everyone, i am currently having the same problem. My op amp isn't generating negative part of the square wave coming from the sound port of my computer. Infact, although sounding ridiculous, i am using an analog multimeter to measure this and at 1Hz i don't see the needle staying at, lets say, 5V. It only changes in positive going tick (PGT) and goes to zero. You would probably say i shouldn't be using the signal generator form my comp but in any case can you explain why this is happening. Also how can i get my op amp to generate the negative part of my square wave? i am using inverting config with R2= 100,000ohms with R1=100ohms for maximum gain (gives me 0.7v input to 6v output) however going R2=1,000,000 ohms gives me 1v, i don't understand why.

    mik3, can you please post a circuit diagram of that and elaborate on what you mean by baising the non inverting input and why do you need to do that.
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    This is called, "hijacking a thread". You're supposed to start your own question.
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