Op-Amp Colpitt Oscillator Design & Simulation help Needed


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Short comment:
Yes, my loop gain analysis is very similar to the shown Bode-diagram
I think, the wanted bandwidth is the 3-dB-bandwidth of the peak around 11 kHz.


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Thanks for your reply !

Could you please share your LT Spice file ?
I won't have access to the file until Monday. Why can't you adjust your schema to my sample? Are you lazy or have poor eyesight? This isn't the first time you've asked. In order to master any tool, you must use it! LTspice has calculated the center frequency and bandwidth at -3 dB. I took a large bandwidth because we do not know in advance what the Amplitude Frequency Response looks like. In general, there could be several resonances.

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Sometimes other tools like online calculators can help with impedance adjusted for different bandwidth for a given op amp. In circuit approximations have been useful using LCR but I think the nanoVNA are getting more affordable. Any good experience with them with op amp oscillators or just getting a match?
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