Op Amp circuit which does everything?

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Hi guys! I have this question and I have no idea how to approach it. The question is:

Design a single OpAmp circuit which can be used for the following applications:
a. Non-inverting Amp
b. Inverting Amp
c. Summing Amp
d. Integrator
e. Differentiator
f. Schimitt trigger

I know what all these circuits look like on their own... But all together I don't have a clue! Without sticking a load of manual switches to switch between caps/resistors etc I'm not sure how to go about this!

I have this, which I think is a very crude solution:
http://www.falstad.com/circuit/#$+1...+0.1+0+-1 o+25+64+0+35+20.0+9.765625E-5+1+-1

Any help/advice would be really appreciated!



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Actually a duplicate would have been deleted. It's ok with you wanting help with your circuit. But at this time there might be no one to help you with this particular question.


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bump (Sorry, but I think this is better than posting a duplicate!)
When I saw your question originally, I had the same uncertainty you did. The intent of the question is not clear. We know the circuits individually, but what does it mean to have one circuit that does all functions? Does it mean create a topology that allows different component values to be used, and to leave unloaded components if necessary? Or, does it mean to install switches to allow fast reconfiguration?