op amp analysis(differentiator and integrator)

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I have a two question.

1. Differentiator
I designed differentiator with op-amp which operate for change triangler wave input signal to rectangular wave.

So i designed below circuit.

and it's AC response is

in this situation, i want to know how can i estimate the rise/fall time from the AC response???

2. integrator

I designed integrator with op-amp which operate for change rectangular wave input signal to triangler wave .
i want to achieve this input and output signal.


but result was like this.

output signal is oscillate with -2V as a center.
how can i change this output signal to above output signal?


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I assume this to be the "output above" you are refering to, when you asked how to make the circuits waveform look like the one above. The waveform at the bottom of your post is an Oscope screen capture. The "waveform" above is an AC FREQ response chart, and not a true waveform in the same sense as the Oscope display image.

Increase the capacitance in the integrator feedback circuit and see what happens.


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What is the reason that causes the output of the integrator to have a DC component? Shouldn't it just clip the amplitude that can't fit in the capacitor?