Onkyo Integra TA-2800 situation

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    Feb 8, 2013

    I am new to the forum (I am from the netherlands)
    and would like to share my experience with the 2 Onkyo Integra models TA-2800 I have for whom it may interrest.

    I have read a post of a Blinking play situation caused by a worn capstan belt.
    Ok, thanks to that post I got to repair my Onkyo_1 only occasionally it seems the belt drifts a bit
    and the blinking play situation starts again.
    By removing the cover and realign the belt again, the cassette runs ok again. It still shows problematic during the natural days.
    I now re-aligned the belt by opening the cover 5 or 6 times..It should stay this way right? I have cleaned the alu flywheels with isopropyl but this blinking still appears now and then.

    After this my Onkyo_1 suffered from a careless act by hitting
    the AMCS (FF) and the REW key simultaneously resulting in a immediately halt of the cassette (Tilted)
    and the play key started to blink.
    The option to eject the cassette simply isn't there.
    I brought it to a repair shop but they couldn't open it.

    I have downloaded the specs of the TA-2800 and after carefull study I noticed that part nr. 58
    pushed in, part nr. 31 lifted up same time, the eject was released and the door got unlocked.
    However the tape was still stuck. I managed to get the cassette door off, unscrewed 213 so the metal frontdoor 85 came off.
    The bridge (PL/REC, erase head) still freezed in the up movement with the tape between capstan spinner/idle.

    So, I used a heated x-acto knive to cut the plastic backside of the tape in two after unscrew the frontcase of the tape (and removing
    all which was of no use anymore).

    After removing the cassette the door now came free to move.
    I plugged in the 220 V, power on and the Bridge came down and that was it!
    I got a new (used) tape, locked the door, pressed the Play key and it started to play!
    All seemed to work. I will tell you that this Onkyo_1 has a new belt installed.

    Now, I have another Onkyo_2 which broken down by the same careless act years ago and the tape became all spaghetti
    in the cassettewell.
    So, I decided to give it a go and handle this _2 the same way i did with _1 (repaired one -sofar-).
    I installed new belts and experienced the same mechanical issues while opening the cassette door
    by using the eject button (that part nr. 58 pushed in, part nr. 31 lifted up same time, the eject was released and the door got unlocked).
    I plugged in the 220 V, power on and the Bridge (pl/rec Heads) came NOT down ..the play led started to blink,
    the digital counter started to run from 0000 - 0013 (my lucky number!) and the right play dish spinning during this short moment.
    The counter normally shows seconds or minutes when the tape plays (Rema/Cons) but in this scenario the counter runs
    faster and the 13 'seconds' are like 2 really.

    >>I think its Onkyo's design here really:
    The AMSC(forward) and REW keys close to eachother, once a miss hit/touch on both, the computer Tilts or something like that.

    Now my Question: Anyone with the same experience? Why did it worked for deck _1 and failed working with the other? (The rised heads are freezed)

    Today I have replaced the second smaller belt which came in the bag I bought from revox germany ebay. 2 belts come for the TA2800.

    I unscrew the black frontplate in the cassettewell, Here hides the orange bulblight aswell, it looked ok under a magnifying glass, 2 black wires connects with print board 709 and 710.
    2 screws went off and there it was, the small belt. It is a flywheel which controls the counter. Also the flywheel between the left- right spinner should be in the free mid station )this can go left-right and respons to REW-FF.

    I used a small mirror to check if the small belt could be replaced without any problems, it can but there is a small plastic block which keeps the belt in place while its in transport.
    The Onkyo 1 FOR now plays.

    As for Onkyo 2, I also repaced the smaller belt but till now the blinking play led
    still appears to be present as the heads are rised..this need to go down.
    I cannot figure out why ..Mayby some suggestion here Please??

    Rgds, Duncan
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    Feb 8, 2013
  3. Cag200

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    Feb 8, 2013
    As this part is not mentioned in the specs.
    Do most cassettedecks use the same kind?
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    Feb 8, 2013
    Hi, to whom it is of interest,

    it happened again, my second TA-2800 deck suffered from a tilt situation as i hit by accident, record and pause. The red Pause light started to blink.
    No REW, no FF.
    Hit the play button which activated for a second, stopped and my tape was.

    This time, i decided to trust on my instinct.
    I opened the hood, switched power on, and unplugged both connectors which feed the startmotor and mechanical drive sginals from the processor.
    I disconnected the left and right, put them in again, left first. Switched power off.
    Switched it back on and the deck started in a Reset-mode.

    The deck touchbutton-functions work accordingly.