Onion routing ?

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    I am well aware of the encryption part of onion routing between the routers in the circuit.
    But how can the circuit be set up in such away that an eves dropper cann't figure out the route of the circuit regardless of the encrypted packets ?

    Won't each hop know the next hop info... and with enough connections to all the onion routers I would believe it in theory could be possible to pieces back the routes...

    Does the source computer just access some directory node server that has a list of all the routers and which hops they are from sources to destination...
    And then the directory node server just choses at random the first hop and the next hop router access the directory node server again for the next hop
    each time directory node server encrypts the data between the routers thru the various hops.

    So it is sort of like a centralized route look up server that the routers use to look up the next route to route to.