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The input voltage to a certain op-amp inverting amplifier is 10 mV, and the output is 2 V. What is the closed-loop voltage gain?

How would I go about this as well?


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Impossible. Unless the amplifier is pegging to the positive rail because of some nefarious reason.

Since it is inverting the output voltage would be -2V. An inverting amplifier has an ideal closed loop signal gain expressed as:

Vout/Vin = -Rf/Rg

You don't know the resistor values, but you know Vout and Vin so what is the gain?


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"Gain" is the relationship between input and output -- in this case voltage. It is shown in a fractional form (Vo/Vi), which can usually be reduced. (If Vi = 5 and Vo = 10,Av = 2).

So, 2V/10mV will give you the gain: How much the signal has "gained" by passing through the amplifier.

(Now if only I had a "money amplifier"! :D )