On The Loss Of External Mains Transformer

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For an external power supply is now a familiar product, under the terms of our loss following content you have some other reason for the case of the external power transformer, however helpful:

Generally from a winding of the transformer (typically from the nominal frequency of the secondary low-voltage side) of the sine wave is applied to the rated voltage, however, in a situation of the rest of the windings open, thereby to measure the no-load current, and no-load loss. If every time when the test conditions constantly limited circumstances, then the power supply voltage below the rated voltage conditions, are generally available in the non-rated voltage conditions down test For this test methods are generally error comparing a large, generally only used to check whether the transformer failure role only test voltage are generally more than 80% of the rated voltage is used to test the unloaded loss.

Then how the short circuit test? We must To the transformer low voltage large current artificial short coupling to the side, however, from the high voltage side coil rated stars joints pass into one of the nominal frequency of the test voltage, also constant current in the windings reaches the rated value, and then measuring the input power and the voltage applied.


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Sorry I don't really understand your questions. :confused: You need to find a better translation into English. Did you use some sort of computer translation?