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    i found your artical on on-off time relays and found them interesting and informitive.
    my problem is i have a threaded piece of all thread that extends out till it hits the prox switch the system reverses then dies soon as it is out of the read zone it is suposed to stay engaged till it hits the N C prox switch at the other end which is suposed to open and cill everything.
    What do i need to do to keep the system energised untill it is back home.

    as of now i have a 12vdc motor, a foot pedel and 12 vdc 10 amp power sorce and a N O and NC prox switches and an Ice cube Relay.
    Are there Prox switches that will stay open once energised untill reset or Relays that will even after the Proxswitch resits. or a way to make a loop like on motor starte switches.
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