(on/off) push button using Flip Flop

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Hi Guyz

i am looking for the simplest push button Circuit like the one used in water pumpers ..

Push once to "trun on" push again to "Turn off"


some one told me that i could Use Daul D FF



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Connect /Q back to D. Then use the switch to pulse the clock. Realistically, there needs to be more, but that is the topology.


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I ran across this thread and thought I'd hijack it as it's so old but is very relevant to what i'm doing.
Using a simple Dual D FF as indicated, using a Schmitt trigger with the "momentary on" pushbutton w/debouncing; I want to drive 2 sections of a 4066 quad bilateral switch for the switching of line level signals. Tho /Q is tacked to D. Can /Q be tapped also to a switch actuator of the 4066? Or would it be better using Master/Slave configuration? The purpose is to switch from one active signal path to another (A/B switch). This will be multiplied into a digital signal switching matrix for my guitar rig. Is there a particular Dual D FF IC that would be recommended? Will the Schmitt give sufficient "edge" to toggle? I would prefer to have leading edge vs trailing for timing reasons.

It's been a long time away from design work, so forgive my ignorance or "thickness".

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