On-board Distributed Power

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    Feb 18, 2011

    Hope this post finds everyone well.

    I've designed a 3kW full-bridge soft-switched (fs =20kHz) inverter using two monolithic high-voltage IC’s for the gate drivers (please see attached datasheet). This is my first design of something this practical so up till now I've invested all my effort on the design of the power stage and gate-drivers; accordingly, at the moment I’m using 3 separate power supplies in my set-up: 1) one for my Vdd , 2) one for Vcc, one for my DC-link. For my DC-link power I’m using a simple rectifier and LC filter, for my Vdd and Vss I’m using separate isolated SMPS’s. Now that I have things on the power stage working I’d like to refine things a bit. That being said, I’d like to have on-board power for Vdd and Vss. What would be the simplest and/or best approach to achieving my desired goal?
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    Your request is confusing to me.

    You say you have 'designed' a high power DC inverter, yet are seeking help with on board power for your control circuitry?

    Are the common sources of regulated DC power, such as self contained regulator IC's and/or buck/boost converter chips not a good match for your 'design'?

    That would be the first suggestion almost everyone here would give you, considering the pitiful lack of information you have provided about the circuitry you desire to adapt power for.

    More info will get you a more specific recommendation on a good choice of power regulators.