Omron H3Y 2 power off relay pls help

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I have bought two H3Y-2 time relays rated 0-30min and i want to do the following circuit.
To be honest i'm little confused :)

In my toilet i installed ventilation fan. I want the fan to run during the lights are on and 5 more minutes after i turn off the lights. On hand i have 12VDC relays and 12VDC adapters.

Thanks in advance.


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Not the best solution.

A time delay-off relay, rated at supply voltage is better.

I'll draw it adapting to what you have.:)

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I made the first schematics and it works perfectly :D. Thank you very very much inwo, you save me a lot of time and you saved my bathroom also :D. I hope i will return a favor one day.

Have a nice day :)

I've been doing that for years. I actually have a spot light, heat lamp and ventilator.

Two switches in a single gang box control the light and another controls the fan. The fan has a "delay on break" relay attached to it. I need like 20-30 minutes running after the switch for the fan is turned off. The timer is located in the attic and it needs to be replaced after 40+ years.

it actually would be better to sense the bath/shower water flow and turn the fan on automatically.

The IR lamp has a mechanical timer. 30 minutes would be better than 20.

The next upgrade would be a better check valve and the flow switch.


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Hi There

I'm trying to connect a bathroom fan exactly in the same manner, using an external switch.
I have tried connecting the H3Y according to your schema but no results.:(. when connecting legs 13 and 14 to the mains (one hot and one natural, I hear the relay click and the 2 lights go on. when I bridged 13 and 9 and got the external input from 12, and connected the fan to 1 and .4 it didnt work. it only worked when connected to 1 and 5 but with no relayed off.
any idea what am I doing wrong?

thanks in Advance