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Hi all,
I am currently working on a project where i have to transfer video signals to a distance of 10km. i want to know that can i use a omni antenna on one side and a directional antenna on the other side. reason for using omni antenna is that side is a rotating fixture .so we need 360 degree coverage. i want to know whether this will work and also if there is any omni antenna which can transfer video signals you can share the datasheet\part no.



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Welcome to AAC.

There is nothing wrong with using a directional antenna on one side of a link. In fact, it is commonly done. There is nothing special about antennas concerning video, You just need a good quality antenna on the frequency of interest.

What country are you in? What frequency are you using? Which transcievers?


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To send video 10km in all directions will take some power. This is regulated by governments. If you and all my friends all send signals the air will be full.

Many internet cameras can send video to a cell phone or computer to anywhere in the world that has internet.