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    I had 3 assignments due tomorrow (well, today as it is like 12.22am) and i left the science till last coz it was sooooooooo hard and i couldnt do it and didnt get it. Your page on the relationship between current voltage and resistance actually made me understand it!!! i realised i could actuallly do it now! then i realised my results were wrong but still! LA LA LA IM FINISHED!!
  2. Dave

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    Nov 17, 2003
    Glad to see the e-book helped. Tell your tutor/professor/colleagues about us ;)

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    I must second the above comment!

    I have a degree in History myself, currently writing my thesis, but I have really oddball hobbies for a historian :D

    I started learning electricity and electronics not long ago (I have always been curious about this particular field of physics!) and I've been reading a few books and doing some exercises to understand everything properly.

    The lessons on your site are, by far, the easiest to follow and I am learning a lot from them. If there is any way of supporting your efforts by, for example, buying a printed version, let me know. The value of what I am learning from your hard work will no doubt outweigh the price of the book :)

    Thanks from Spain for the awesome reading material.