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    Jul 29, 2010
    i have been working with computers for 5+ yrs now and have gathered alot of old drives from old junk systems. i have a seagate travan hornet i beleve 4GB, an HP DDS3 12GB model c1537-00610 and an IBM (actaly made by tandberg)SLR 60 30GB. all storage sizes i used are uncompresed. the last 2 are SCSI ultra-2 the first is IDE.
    also have a 1GB iomega jaz drive scsi ultra 2
    i'm considering parting these out because i don't have media, and to buy it its cheaper to get a flsh drive or a hard drive. E.G foud tapes for the slr 60 $80 i got a 2TB external for $90. this in my mind makes me think tape drive are about useless now. i'm going into network administation, and have been holding onto a few of these for yrs and havn't needed. are these worth keeping for furure use if i should have to recover a tape or are these geting pretty rare?
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    Dec 29, 2010
    You might be able to sell them on your local eBay. (Cause international postage is very high).

    But if you keep them long enough, who knows it might become collector's item one day like my OSI C1P SBC.

    I still have a few IOMEGA 100MB drives I dont know what to do with them....:confused: